We started Conquering Credit because we want to take on one of the biggest issues in business lending, something we asked ourselves when we first joined the industry…  Where do we begin?

It originally began as a side-project, just a few links in a spreadsheet to help speed up research.  Now, we’ve come together as a couple of industry veterans and created a centralized system that enhances the broker’s arsenal.  Our focus is to ensure that the tools we create and advice we give are applicable across the financial sector, and in sales, as a whole.

We’re always open to hearing from those that use our resources, whether it’s advice being sought, a suggestion for a new tool or content, or maybe you just closed your biggest deal yet and need someone to tell.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, have a correction to suggest, or would like to join as a partner, please reach out to us at partners@conqueringcredit.com.