November 25, 2017


Pros and Cons

Tactic For this technique, you'll simply list off the pros and cons of the purchase. It goes without say, the...


What’s the Problem?

Tactic This is a strong technique to handle the objections of a client that is reluctant to move forward but...


Getting to YES

Getting to YES Tactic Simply ask multiple questions where the answer is a “yes,” two to three questions is usually...


September 27, 2017

UCC Lien Search

This is a complete directory of all UCC search listings. Alabama Illinois Montana* Rhode Island Alaska Indiana Nebraska* South Carolina Arizona Iowa Nevada† South Dakota* Arkansas* Kansas* New Hampshire* Tennessee California* Kentucky New Jersey Texas* Colorado Louisiana* New Mexico Utah Connecticut Maine* New York Vermont Delaware* Maryland North Carolina Virginia
September 20, 2017

Secretary of State Business Search

This is a complete directory of all Secretary of State listings. Alabama Illinois Montana Rhode Island Alaska Indiana Nebraska South Carolina Arizona Iowa Nevada South Dakota Arkansas Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee California Kentucky New Jersey Texas Colorado Louisiana New Mexico Utah Connecticut Maine New York Vermont Delaware Maryland North Carolina